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Tuesday, December 22, 2015 University of Qom President
About University President
On Jun, 2013, Asgar Dirbaz began his tenure as University of Qom’s 3th president, is an associate professor in Islamic philosophy at the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies. He also served as the Dean for Research Office and, prior to that, as the Dean for the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies.
After several year study theology and Islamic sciences in Qom seminary school (Qom Hawza) Dr. Dirbaz continued his study at the University of Qom. He finished his Master study in philosophy at 1992 and PhD.at 2003. He then became a faculty member of the Faculty of theology and Islamic studies at 2003. Dr. Dirbaz is also a member of “Assembly of Experts of the Leadership” since 2011.
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