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University of Qom

Monday, June 16, 2014
University of Qom was founded on October 1979 with the fundamental aim of creating a center of excellence in higher education and research. Named as the “High Educational and Law School of the Seminarians” at the time, it started admitting students studying at the seminaries in Qom in the two fields of Law Studies and Theology in the year 1980. However, in 1985, it started admitting high school graduates as well.
This school was later promoted to the status of a university in 1997 and was renamed as the “University of Qom”. University of Qom offered 6 disciplines or degree programs at undergraduate level, 5 programs at graduate level, and 1 program at postgraduate level then.
Similar to other Iranian universities, the University of Qom admits the incoming students through the nation-wide entrance examination (Konkour), held annually at three levels separately. The university has flourished and started establishing other programs in different disciplines since then and now has about 8500 students at undergraduate and (post)graduate levels.  
The University campus is located in Al-Qadir Boulevard and covers an area of 140 hectares.
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