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Saturday, April 17, 2010
The Office for Student and Cultural Affairs

-The Office for Student Affairs:

There are two on-site blocks to accommodate 800 male students and another on-site block for accommodating 200 female students. Every semester, additional dormitories in all over the city are rented for students. All dorms are supplied with kitchens, reading rooms, TVs, fridges, water coolers, distant call telephones, etc. The men’s section consists of a dining room for 700 students, while the women’s section has a dining room for 300 students. Student Welfare Office provides services such as student loans. Two buffets and two laundries are also available on campus.

-Cultural affairs and extra-curricular activities
At the moment, 19 educational associations, 2 Islamic associations, 17 Cultural Groups, 26 student periodicals, are working with the active student cooperation. The Central Hall of Sheikh Mofid with the capacity for 680 people, Shahid Beheshti Amphitheatre with the capacity for 400 people, and the Andisheh Conference Hall with the capacity for 110 people can be used by the students for conferences, cultural, and educational programs. Furthermore, different classes for arts and learning are held every term and offer relevant certificates to the students.

-Sports Office:
At the moment the University of Qom has a soccer field (8,000 square metres), a race piste, a covered sports hall in women’s section, open sports fields, an exercise room in women’s section, exercise @stations, and covered multi-purpose sports complex, comprising a wrestling hall, gymnastics hall, as well as martial sports, body-building, futsal, badminton, volleyball, handball, and basketball.

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